samedi 7 février 2009

GWT 1.6 M1 Release

Hi every GWT fans !

Just a post to relay the GWT 1.6 M1 release yesterday !

Here is the original announce on the GWT group:

You can download it on the GWT download page:

Or here directly if you can wait to get it :

To remember you, here is the GWT 1.6 roadmap from the google web site here:

Release 1.6

Anticipated Time Frame - Q1 2009

  • New compiled file deployment structure
    • Easily compile into a WAR file, making it easy to deploy your compiled GWT application into standard servlet containers
  • Migration from Tomcat to Jetty hosted mode server
    • A more pluggable architecture for the hosted mode server will enable developers to use servlet containers other than Tomcat with the Hosted Mode browser
  • Uniform event handlers
    • Event handlers will be implemented in a uniform fashion across all widgets, with listeners deprecated
  • DatePicker, LazyPanel migrated in from incubator
    • New widgets from the incubator
  • String performance improvements
    • StringBuilder uses deferred binding to optimize string appends per-browser
  • Compiler performance improvements
    • 1.6 will introduce parallel permutation compilations and other performance tweaks for faster compiles
Hope that helps !

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