mardi 2 décembre 2008

Appspy is a "User experience profiling tool"

Voila un outil qui mérite qu'on prenne le temps de voir ce qu'il a dans les tripes !

Welcome to Appspy

What is Appspy ?

Appspy is a "User experience profiling tool".

What does that mean ? It means that with Appspy you will know :

  • How your application is used
    • What are the most used parts of your applications ?
    • I have spent so much time to develop this feature but is it really used ?
  • How your application responds to the users requests
    • Performance (response time for instance)
    • Quality (errors, response codes)

Why Appspy ?

Every software need to be improved in term of quality, performance, efficiency ...

With Appspy, you will get all the data you need to learn how to improve the value of your software for your users.

Have a look at this article of Martin Fowler about Observed Requirements .

Where to start ?

Appspy roadmap

Next release : 1.1

  • Import / Export for reports and dashboards
    • Export wizard (choose reports and dashboards to export)
    • Import wizard (choose what to do when name conflicts occurs for instance)
  • Ability to hide reports and dashboards
  • Integration of a scheduler (quartz)
    • Administration screens to register/plan jobs
  • Additionnal reports / dashboards (to be defined)

Next releases

  • OSGi for client side (Embed Felix / Spring DM)
  • OSGi for server side (go for Spring DM Server ?)
  • Talend integration (schedule Talend jobs)
  • Data collection based on annotations and Spring interceptors
  • Other ideas ? Let us know at
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